Monday, 11 August 2008

The Virgin blogger

Well as the title suggests this is my 1st time....well what can i say???

Maybe i should tell u about the terribly exciting life i lead as a skydiving extreme ironing champion...or how i once climbed Mount Everest single handed with nothing but a can of red bull and a special K energy bar......or the time i saved an enitre family from a burning building whilst my leg was in plaster.....or how i'm a very talented writer who's currently writting my 3rd novel????

Well I'd love to but none of those things are true I've never been skydiving I'm actually scared of heights, i rarely iron unless its absolutely necessary and letting the clothes "hang" just wont cover it!! I've never climbed Mount Everest- to be honest i get tired climbing my stairs most days. The family saving thing...I've never broken my leg :( And as for being a talented writer the one thing you will DEFIANTLY come to learn if u decide to stick around that is, is that i am not a talented writer.....I'm spelling is awful, my mind is always blocked and to be honest i lack anything resembling an imagination unless of course when reading other peoples work then the pages just jump alive in my brain :-P

So why a blog i hear u cry???? Well sometimes a girl just needs a place to vent, laugh, cry and basically just dump all the crap that clogs my brain...... and so a blog was born!!!

It may be of benefit to set out some guidelines of what to expect both of you as my readers and me as the blogger.....

  1. Expect a lot of my posts to basically be whining, bitching rants about my ever so boring life.
  2. My posts will always be grammatically incorrect and often full of spelling mistakes- this can be blamed on spell check not doing its job to my satisfaction....


  1. You will be expected to read said whining, bitching rants without exceptions and offer support, advice and money when requested.

So there we go here's to a long and happy blogging life together!!!


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