Saturday, 1 November 2008

The life time of a laptop.....

I don't know what the general life time of a laptop is but in our house it is not long....

The last 6 years we have been through 4 laptops (and 2 computers) all have which have now gone to the PC world in the sky. Now i know what your thinking they must have been really unlucky or bought cheap ones...well I'm afraid you would be wrong all of these 'puters have met there 'makers' at the hand of my husband.

The latest laptop only left us recently after 18 short months.

Now I'm not going to tell you it didn't suffer cause that would be hadn't had the best of lives but that didn't mean we didn't love it- M is just a little careless....

Now the sad day in question was a couple of weeks ago on a rainy day in September and stupid dear M was minding his own business surfing the tin'ternet when sweet laptop of mine let out a fateful "boooooooooooooooo" and died there on the spot.

Now M being the technical minded person he is did the usual turn it off/on but I'm afraid the poor little thing just couldn't be resuscitated. But M wasn't ready to just give up- after all we had been through so much with lappy.

So in some light bulb moment he decided that with his 13 years plumbing experience he was going to dismantle poor lappy in some kind of autopsy situation to find the reason poor lappy went "booooooooooooooo".

Well i know what your thinking my friends surely he could have found the problem and bring him back to life, i mean come on we've all seen Frankenstein and after all 13yrs plumbing experience what could go wrong!?

But I'm afraid Frankenstein lappy did not come alive.......instead i came home to find a zillion bits of lappy all over my kitchen worktop in some kind of Texas chain saw massacre movie for PC geeks. Now as you can imagine this was quite a shock for me to find chip boards and mini fans all over the place and but even more so when i have an extended warranty that would cover repair or a new laptop, but i am promised by my dear, dear f*cking stupid husband all will be okay because we could probably sell the screen on eBay for £20.00!!!!

So the moral of the story is.... 13 yrs plumbing experience in no way shape or form a reason to think you can mend a laptop and don't let anyone tell you different.

Rest in Peace lappy the 4th......or should i say pieces.