Thursday, 21 August 2008

Bad Moods....

Their funny things really, not funny in the sense that you want to laugh uncontrollably....that's a completely different kind of psychotic mood. But they are funny in the sense that you can't always predict when they might occur and just how bad they can floor you...

For example take the creep up on you bad mood. These are just like the unwanted stalker they follow you about watching you go about your daily routines, watch how you're coping, monitor your work load then WHAM bad mood strikes and your completely floored by the unrelenting desire to stab the next fucker person who even dares to cross your path! These types of moods are tricky to combat and can often be triggered by a chain of small events and then pushed over the edge by an unsuspecting spouse or work colleague.

Another type of bad mood is the "get up on the wrong side of bed mood". These are worse than the first because you often just can't pin point why your in a bad have your suspects i.e your grotty brat child waking you up in the middle of the night for just one more drink of water or your blanket stealing spouse who's still comfortably snoring away in bed while your getting up at some godly hour...but you have no firm culprits. The only firm thing you have is knowing that this bugger will be sticking around all day.

However the WORST bad mood by far is the PMS bad mood that just every fricking person you cross will soon come to realise you have should they not get stabbed of course..

At present i am suffering from PMS bad mood except there's nothing "pre" about it aunt flou is knocking at my door as we speak and unpacking a trunk load of crap that i just don't need and to be honest I'm about ready to go to town on her old ass!!! What pisses me off more is not only has she ignored my begging and pleading of two weeks ago to not come again for at least 9 months but she has purposefully chosen to bring with her cramping from hell and spots that would make a dalmatian proud!!!

So what do i hear you cry was the point of my post????

Well if you hear on the news that some mental woman is holding a bunch of people hostage and her only demands are paracetamol, chocolate and a hot water better warn someone they better get them quick or some f*cker is going to die!!!


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