Thursday, 14 August 2008

A letter from mummy to jelly bean aka baby girl

Dear Jelly Bean

Mummy knows that you are going through a difficult time in your life at the moment; the prospect of turning 3 is scary for anybody and the voices hormones u must be experiencing must be scary for you and mummy appreciates this and is here for you. But if you continue to spread your shit poo poo up my walls i will make you live at the bottom of the garden with the BUGS!!

Now i appreciate that this may seem harsh at your tender age and i know that you were only painting a man and i promise if you turn out to be a famous artist i will scold myself for dampening your artistic streak at such a young age. But the fact is mummy really doesn't like it as it makes your room smell really bad, gets under your nails, its difficult to get out of the carpet and to be honest makes me wanna vomit.

So as fun as you've found it and believe me mummy has seen the 'funny side' too PACK IT THE FUCK IN!!!!!!!!

All my love and kisses

Mummy bean

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